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Getting the right advice

When should we ask others for advice? – When we don’t know the right answer, or the right direction to go in, that’s when. But we don’t just ask anyone for their advice, we need someone who has experience and who ‘knows the territory’. When we ask for directions in a new city we’re visiting, obviously there’s little point in asking another tourist. We need to check in with a local person, who really knows their town. Then they’ll point us in the right direction, and we’ll be secure in knowing that we’re heading the right way.


Contender or champion?

There’s a reason why elite athletes also need help in being pointed in the right direction, even though they are already in the absolute top few percent of performers in their chosen field. They know that without the objective checking that comes from having a top coach viewing them ‘from outside’, they may only ever be a contender, rather than a...

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