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Looking for The Base

audience marketing startups Sep 19, 2019

Successful people know who their audience is, or as the advisors to Donald Trump call it, ‘The Base’. Successful companies are the same: they don’t just scatter gun the market hoping that they will hit someone who is interested in their product. Instead they research and drill down, to really get to know who they’re dealing with. Knowing your audience is one of the most essential rules for any startup, except it’s kinda difficult: How do you know your audience if you’re only just beginning? Perhaps your product or service isn’t even fully up and running, so what can you do to attract people to something that doesn’t even exist yet?
Well, you can, and you must attract an audience. Included in that audience are your investors.

A typical startup will delay the moment they have to get to grips with finding their audience. Why? Because finding an audience feels difficult, and “No-one knows how to do it.” Well actually there are...

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