Repeat, then repeat again

Education is mainly a logical process, based on frequent repetition. We don’t learn Math or a language by randomly dipping into a textbook and pulling out an equation or word. Instead it’s patient and step-by-step, usually guided by a teacher. Education is also a process of nurturing, because the teacher (or parent) has to guide their pupil with care and ideally, love. The teacher forgives the mistakes and constantly strives to make it as easy as possible for their student. Part of making it easy is to make learning fun, a vital ingredient at any level of education.

We all recognize the importance of education, and most of us have been lucky at some moment to have received that ‘lightbulb moment’ where suddenly an aspect which previously defeated us becomes clear. It’s the ‘Eureka!’ of Archimedes, although often more modest in scope! As well as my business and coaching activities, I also lecture in university, and one of the most satisfying...

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“Selling stuff is easy. All you gotta do is give away stuff that makes people happy …and then sell ‘em stuff that makes them even happier.” That’s not my quote, but one from internet marketing copywriter, Frank Kern. Is it really as simple as that? Certainly a model for many services and products across the web is, ‘Free now, subscribe later’. We get hooked by the brilliance of the offering (think Spotify for instance), but then are attracted to the ad-free Premium version, or other enhancements not available in the basic offering. Selling is therefore clearly still a huge driver for all businesses, but is it the only driver, or for that matter even the most important driver?

Think about things differently

Sales mean income, and we are all interested in the bottom line. However from the dotcom bubble onwards, a different paradigm has emerged, where even a business which is negatively trading can attract the dream of many startup...

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