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Information to burn

I recently posted a short blog where I was suggesting that to thrive in difficult times, everyone in a business should think like a founder. I expressed this idea as if I was considering a new hire, and the qualities I’d be looking for in them. To my surprise, I was flooded with responses from people thanking me for the job! My team was then engaged for a day writing back to assure the correspondents that as and when I have a place in my company, I advertise it through the correct channels, with a proper job description, the qualities I’m looking for in an employee, and the geographic location. The blog was a piece of figurative writing.
I’m sorry if it briefly raised the hopes of people looking for new work, especially in the current economic climate, but it did set me thinking about how shallowly messages are read. And when they are read, how people feel the need to instantly respond. To think about, and weigh-up situations is no longer fashionable, and if we...

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