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Learn To Change

In general we humans aren’t great at dealing with change, even though we claim to like new things in our lives. Not really. We like the certainty of the same things in the same place, every day. New stuff is maybe for the two weeks we go on vacation, right?

So the global situation we now find ourselves in is profoundly upsetting for the vast majority of people. Businesses are being rocked to their foundations, because businesses are about people, and rely on people. In a matter of weeks, free movement of people around the world has almost ceased, and the knock-on effects of that grow worse day on day. But I guess you don’t need me to tell you this, because we are all living through it.

Challenges and changes

In a survey I have just run, asking businesses to comment on the challenges and changes they are going through as a result of the pandemic, the number one fear was around the business going broke, game over.
The number two fear was around liquidity, and having...

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