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The Digital Marketing Funnel

funnel marketing startups Aug 08, 2019

What exactly is a Sales Funnel, and why is it important? We’ve all heard about the philosophy of funnelling, but the definition seems a little imprecise. In this short article I set out to clarify some points.

The idea of funnelling is always to push something to an inescapable conclusion, like filling a can with fuel. The funnel directs the liquid, or the process towards the desired result. Once upon a time, businesses were very focussed on Sales, and the Marketing part of the equation really only occupied the wider entry point of the funnel – the awareness and interest of the product or service. After that Sales took over, propelling a prospect to the inevitable moment when they said ‘Yes’. At least it was hopefully the inevitable moment.

Now, things are different, because Marketing runs all the way through the funnel, and in fact in the Digital Marketing Funnel, the functions of marketing and sales blend together. This is exactly how it should be to...

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