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Is Big Science racist?

elysionpro lhr revolution Jul 26, 2020

Many African Americans have white blood cell counts below the normal range of people of European descent. Many African Americans are more susceptible to inflammatory diseases such as Crohn’s. Racial and Ethnic Differences in Mortality at Older Ages by Irma T. Elo and Samuel H. Preston shows that, ‘Black death rates consistently exceed white death rates’ up to the age of 70.

These, and many other comparisons of the imbalance between races are facts. They are backed by large scale epidemiological studies, and census information going back nearly a century. I’ll tell you why I have become more aware of this in a moment, but first I’d like to look at the question: Is Big Science therefore racist?

Name a scientist

Personally I don’t like the terms ‘black’ or ‘white’ to describe people. It’s a lazy shorthand, but as we all know how it is used, here’s a challenge: Name ten white scientists, and ten black scientists....

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The gold standard for gold standards

At the beginning of the year my wife, Hanna, had a laser hair removal treatment session. Nothing remarkable about that, except she reported that it was comfortable, painless, and with no nasty side effects. Now that was remarkable. She asked her Budapest beautician if this was a new technology, and learned that it was something called the Elysion-Pro system. Hanna figured that when we returned home to Florida, she would track down salons using the new device. Big surprise – it was still pending FDA approval, and had not yet been introduced into the US market. Hanna scented a business opportunity, and together we started to explore the possibilities of becoming the American distributors. Spoiler Alert – You can read more about how this story has turned out in the blog section of our new Elysion-Pro North American website!

The meaningless standard

During the months building up to FDA approval, which has now enabled the distribution launch, Hanna, myself, and our team have...

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