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Just do it. Again and again.

I’m not the greatest fan of the global sports company, Nike. There have been big questions asked about their manufacturing ethics, for example.
What I do celebrate is Nike’s brilliant advertising slogan, ‘Just Do It’, which has been at the forefront of the company’s powerful messaging since 1988. ‘Just Do It’ describes someone taking the initiative to improve their own fitness, at whatever level they start. It means taking personal responsibility. Most of all it means being persistent.

Being persistent is the power of repeating and repeating activities, in the knowledge that they will eventually bear fruit. As a golfer, I know that my swing will not one day magically improve all by itself. I have to put in the time, again and again, to practice. Eventually I will achieve another small step forward in improving my game. To succeed, every human activity requires persistence – the capacity to return many times to the same set of...

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