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Dig that goldmine

matyas zaborszky read May 17, 2020

Lately I have been asking clients and colleagues to do something very simple, and at the same time very enriching: read books. Not just any books, but those great business writings, and motivational pieces by successful entrepreneurs that we can all learn from. My reason for insisting on the importance of such works is that it has come to my attention that many of my clients are – at best – only vaguely familiar with books that have been fundamental steps in my own business life. My job is to coach and help startups and new businesses reach their potential. It is therefore my duty to continue with the process of trying to convince you to read!

Squeeze that book

Many people understand that reading can be a useful, but then they ask me, ‘So how do I do it?’ That’s a simple question, but a good one. If you simply ‘dip in’ to books as a form of entertainment, or to ‘kill time’, then you’ll only get a fraction out of them that...

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