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What’s the point of Marketing?

marketing sales funnel Aug 16, 2019

We all recognize the moment of triumph when a sale is made. So is marketing of secondary importance, and just ‘making a noise’?

For most startups the most significant time is when the sale gets made. This can mean when investors are attracted at the right level, and with the right amount of money, and it can also mean when the product or service reaches the end-user. Money is countable and quantifiable.

Until the time that the money rolls in, the enterprise should be busily attending to their funnel. It used to be called the Sales funnel, but now most experts understand that Marketing and Sales work together so completely that unless they’re hand-in-glove, success is unlikely. In fact we now more often refer to the process as the Digital funnel, because it’s in the digital domain where most of our activity and efforts are concentrated.

So it’s a continuum, with the narrow end of the funnel being the sale, and the wide end being the start of ‘all...

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