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The Vegas effect

It all feels so unreal. Sometimes you can’t tell if it’s day or night. There are cocktails available at any time, you’re losing money every minute, and there’s all sorts of entertainment to distract you.
No, I’m not talking about coronavirus lockdown, but a visit to Las Vegas. Anyone who has ever been there will be amazed at the way everything is designed to make you forget ‘normal’. The concept is that you go into a dreamworld, and now many of us are in danger of entering a similar state in our own homes, as we attempt to continue with ‘business as usual’ but in very unusual circumstances.
What can we do to snap out of the dream and establish some methods of dealing effectively with the situation? I have some suggestions. 

Solo or sharing?

In part it depends on who you are sharing your ‘Las Vegas’ with. Perhaps like me you have a family, and the children don’t quite understand that just because their...

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