Seasonal About Success

It’s the time of year when we can look back on everything that has happened, and think about lessons learned. We can observe global trends in business and politics, and see how issues such as climate change are now becoming more pressing than ever. It’s been a strange year in many ways, but perhaps people have always made that observation, whatever century they were living in!

I am very serious about helping startup businesses succeed, and this year has seen further developments that I’m proud to have been part of, and I’m happy to have been involved with several outstanding new projects. These include a startup in Florida, created by a young and enthusiastic guy who has gathered a great team around him, and – I believe – is going to make a significant market entry in the coming year. Watch out for Briefcard.

Then there’s a US-based blockchain-enabled investment club called Bitdollar that I have been advising, which brings unique new...

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