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Something at once

“Startups, by their nature, are entrepreneurial - testing new things, launching new products, and disrupting themselves. That's why you join a startup in the first place - to create, to stretch beyond your current capabilities, and to make an outsized impact.” 

- What a great summary of why we do what we do in the world of startups! It comes from Jennifer Hyman, CEO and co-founder of Rent The Runway, a fashion and technology company, and it applies so well to any new business, in any sector. I want to isolate one word of Jennifer’s quote however: testing. We test ourselves for sure, but we must also test everything we do.

So many choices, so little time

Right at the beginning of a business there are so many choices to make, and it’s sometimes enough to drive you crazy! Do we go in this direction, or that direction? Left or right, up or down? How will we attract investors, and how will we ensure that they are the right investors? The process of logical...

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