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Information is not knowledge

We live in a time when we can access information more easily, and more quickly than ever before. Name any topic – any topic at all – and we can find information about it with just a few mouse clicks. Most of the time those few clicks will be enough to satisfy our curiosity, or the need for a basic outline of a subject. We don’t feel the need to go any deeper, and a three minute YouTube tutorial will usually be enough to help us feel informed. 

Information is not knowledge however, and while we are drowning in information, knowledge is getting rarer. Knowledge comes from real experience, and our putting the work into truly learning about a subject. We expect professionals – for example doctors – to have studied their subject in great depth, over a long period of time. A three minute YouTube info video on brain surgery isn’t going to make the grade! And yet, in the world of the entrepreneur and new businesses, I am often surprised to find that...

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