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I’m dreaming of a White… Paper

It’s the time of year when in many countries around the world people are thinking of taking a break, and spending time with family and friends. The airwaves are full of seasonal songs, perhaps most of all being ‘White Christmas’. It will be playing in shopping malls around the world almost irrespective of whether Christmas is being celebrated in a particular country. However, what I’m dreaming of is a White… Paper.

The term White Paper is associated with the document created by many online businesses, particularly those in the cryptosphere to introduce the enterprise to the world. It originally comes from governmental policy documents, designed for forward planning, so it’s not an unsuitable name. However, because ‘White Paper’ has become so associated with the cryptosphere, I prefer to use the term ‘Prospectus’, more commonly found in conventional non-cyber businesses. Either way, whether your paper is white, or your...

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