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Change is good. Change is bad. Change is scary. Where are you with change?

We are living in times of unprecedented change.

From individuals, through small businesses, to giant corporations, the rulebook just got torn up.

Change is confusing, and the hardest part? – We don’t know the endpoint. 

When the current global crises started biting, I commissioned a survey of businesses around the world, to discover what people were thinking and feeling. I expected that broadly it would be answered by the startups and new businesses that I mentor and advise most of the time. I imagined that they would be the ones who were feeling most threatened by change.

In fact the average time respondents had been in business was eleven years. These people were veterans, and had already ridden out difficult times. They are by nature survivors, but their concerns were almost the same as those of their startup colleagues who also responded:

1. Will my business survive this crisis?

2. What is the endpoint, and how will I recognize it?

3. How do I promote and preserve liquidity?

4. Will my market still exist even if I do weather the storm?

5. What changes can I make to my business right now to adapt?

6. What long term measures might see me through?

I realized that these commonalties needed answers, and quickly. I put other programs on hold and turned my attention, and that of my team, to finding ways to make sense of the massive changes that are hitting companies of every size and in every sector.
Fear and anxiety are everywhere at the moment, but are there any re-assuring signs?

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OK, why should I choose you?

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity

That’s a quote from Albert Einstein, but it works for the current crisis. Easy to say, hard to apply, I know. But there will be opportunities, and the Change Management Coaching program I’m about to launch will identify and capitalize on these.

A personal reflection: During the Global Financial Crisis of 2007-8 I was running a small startup, very agile in digital marketing. When even the largest corporations found their comms budgets slashed to the bone, there was an opening for a savvy digital offering which came in at a fraction of the price of previous incumbent agencies. I was in the right place at the right time, with the right product.
I prospered.

The same will undoubtedly be true of companies best placed to deal with the fallout of our current global situation.
I want your company to be one of the successful survivors.

Right now most entrepreneurs and company leaders probably only see the difficulties, rather than the opportunities. Here’s your starting point to get a grip on the situation:

Is this temporary or permanent?

Of course we all know what we want the situation to be. Some people say that after a few months the world will be ‘back to normal’, others predict a much longer period of bounce back. Yet others say that things will never be the same again. The fact is, no-one knows. So it’s the job of leaders in businesses to ask the question about ‘temporary or permanent?’, and come to some very robust conclusions.

How you answer that question, and all the drop-down questions, will determine your future.

Notice that it’s you who will decide, not ‘Fate’ or ‘Market Forces’, just you.

So the Change Management Program is designed specifically to give you the tools to develop a mindset that is rigorous, enabling you to take the right decisions in a timely manner. Of course as a Manager you probably pride yourself already on being able to make decisions, but now we’ll be learning about extreme decision making, and how to do that within the right timeframe.

All of your stakeholders – from your family, through your colleagues, to your investors and clients – are looking to you to make the right decisions at the right time. That’s a biggie, but you can do it.

You can do it if you understand all of the motivations, both within and outside the business, and also within yourself. 

Protection, protection, protection

We’ll also be looking at the different forms and levels of Protection that you must create around different aspects of your enterprise. These range from how you communicate with and protect people who may have to be laid off, through to protecting your supply chain, suppliers, and customers. Not least, we will examine how you can protect your future, both personally and as a company.

There are a thousand details that need attending to right now.


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If you’re feeling swamped by the scale of what needs to be done, and if you hardly know where to begin, then my Change Management Coaching Program is the place to start. Why? 

- Because I’ve been in business for over twenty years, and have mentored many startups, and advised multi-nationals on their communications and marketing. 

- Because in that time I’ve survived and prospered through the Global Financial Crisis, and discovered successful ways of leveraging that experience.

- Because I have been witness to the success of many small businesses which have managed to overcome incredible difficulties, and every time they have done so, I have made note of how they were able to do that.

- Because my team and I have very recently completed a global survey on the subject of business attitudes to the current crisis. We’re not guessing at how people are feeling, we know. Because we know, we can offer specific remedies.

- Because my 6 Proven Steps Program has paved the way for what I’m now offering you – a logical, step by step approach, breaking down problems to manageable and understandable pieces, then finding exact solutions.

Tell me more about your offering...

Change is change

Change isn’t good or bad, change is just change. People are worried right now because we are experiencing forced change. My approach will show you how to turn forced change into controlled change, leveraging the difficulties we are all facing and doing everything you can to bring your company through.

Time is of the essence

Dealing with forced change shouldn’t be delayed. Waiting to see if things get better is not a responsible position to take. Change is here, so tackle it. 

Change Management Coaching offers the essential element of timeliness, giving you the crucial advantage of acting sooner rather than later. Just as importantly you will act correctly, and decisively.

I look forward to welcoming you, in this time of great change. 

Here is my offering:

Monthly or 3-month commitment (and let’s be realistic at the same time): You can change many things in 3 months but usually to accomplish something serious take at least 6-12 month.

1x55 minutes coaching session every week. You can ask questions during the week via e-mail and you get an answer in 24 hours but mainly we are focusing on the scheduled calls and the assignments you have to execute on weekly basis.

If you’d like to have more than one person in this program please ask for an offer.

Without commitment (50% discount):


One to One weekly coaching calls

50% OFF
4 calls included for $1997


3-months in advance with 60% discount:


One to One weekly coaching calls

$12000 for 3 months
60% OFF
12 calls included for $4797


What People Are Saying

WARNING: watching this video may cause sudden inspiration and waves of motivation!