What do businesses need from investors, and what do investors need from businesses?

You may think it’s all about the money, but here’s the big surprise – it’s not!

Over the last year I’ve been out talking to people from both sides of the investment equation, all around the world, and discovering what the rules are which govern successful fundraising

I can now reveal these rules. There are 30, and they are simple but sometimes a little counter-intuitive: What you might think is the ‘obvious’ answer isn’t always the case. That’s why I’ve been putting in the time to create a user-friendly guide that sets out the rules, which apply to any business

It may seem unlikely that ‘one size fits all’ can work, but it does, and it’s based on my successful 6 Steps Approach. The 30 rules are interactive too, so that you can test your own thoughts and ideas against my guidelines. 

The result? I guarantee that you’ll be challenged, and I hope stimulated into seeing that fundraising for your startup is a step-by-step logical process which if followed will be guaranteed success. That’s why these 30 rules really are essential reading.

30 Essential Rules for Successful Fundraising

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